P3 has been established with you, the overseas Importers, in mind. Our focus is to offer "turnkey" solutions to OEM & Custom Manufacturing in Asia. Many companies have good product concepts and an existing or growing sales network, but their manufacturing and shipping resources in Asia are limited or inefficient. P3 offers solutions.

At P3, we are more than just a trading company or a buying office that simply passes paper. We pride ourselves as a full service, Product Development Company. Our direct and multifaceted involvement with our clients and manufacturers is what inspired the company name and logo:


  • Product Development
  • Plus
  • Product Management

The P3 office is designed to act as your Far East Office. Working as the liaison between your company and Asian Manufacturers, our emphasis is on combining your product concepts and ideas, with our product development expertise and production engineering capabilities. While working directly with the production manufacturers, our methodical and result-oriented staff can apply daily face-to-face pressure to expedite your needs.

Based in Hong Kong, the P3 personnel have strong multilingual communication skills and a vast array of proven & qualified resources throughout the Pacific Rim and Globally. Our long-standing relationships with countless production manufacturers, as well as raw material and component suppliers throughout Asia, the US and Europe are continuously utilized in the Product Development phase of producing and enhancing your product concepts.

In addition, we understand that Product Development is only the first phase in manufacturing a successful product. Evaluating and understanding the product expectations and requirements, as well as handling the daily Production Management, is the critical second phase. From Production Scheduling & Quality Control, to swiftly facilitating the Shipping and Banking Documents, our dedicated staff is experienced in completing the full manufacturing process to meet your needs.

Strengthened by a solid and diversified client base and aggressive Merchandising Team, P3's manufacturing experience includes Electronic Consumer Products, Household Products, Health & Beauty Aide Products, Bicycle Accessories & Fitness Products, Plastic and Plush Toys, Printed Catalogues & Packaging, Pet Products, Costumes, Luggage and Bags, Die-Cast Collectibles and Inflatable Toys & Wood Furniture. Although we source the "open market", most of the products are manufactured on an OEM or Custom-Made Basis.

The P3 personnel team, is just that, a team. Individually, we bring a wide range of professional experience to the company. Our combined strength in Merchandising, Engineering, Quality Control and Shipping & Financing, allows us to offer a unique and enhanced aspect to each situation.

On behalf of the P3 International Limited Team, we look forward to working with you in the future. Please contact us at:





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