Focused on building P3 as a leading and innovative Product Development Company, our concentration is in developing and manufacturing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or Custom Made Products; specializing in unique and exclusively designed products, predominantly Licensed, Patented, Patent Able and/or Proprietary to our clients.

Our dedicated people recognize the importance in discovering and formulating new product concepts, with the latest technology, that our clients can transform into present day success stories. Their mandates are to enhance and expand our clients' presence and market share, as well as develop future product lines under the same guidelines.

To achieve our maximum efficiency, we are more than just a trading company and not an organization that simply "passes paper". Our people take a personal interest in the products developed. Their instincts and experience over the years have taught them how to qualify and decipher potential manufacturing candidates and enhancing attributes to make our products that much better.

Like the clients we represent, the products we manufacturer each have unique requirements. From the materials selected, to the manufacturing processes, to the type of packaging and merchandising displays, our people incessantly seek and identify new resources to benefit our clients. The result allows us confidently to offer:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Packaging Design
  • Product Design
  • Sourcing
  • Pattern Making
  • Factory Auditing & Inspections
  • Material Consultation
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Production Management
  • Turn Key Service
  • Musical Arrangements &
  • Sound Effects
  • Shipping Logistics
  • Graphic Design
  • Quality Assurance Specifications

In conjunction with our strong Merchandising and Engineering Departments, our Shipping and Finance Departments are equally aggressive and result oriented. Possessing strong computer and analytical skills, both departments liaise with their respective networks, demanding quick and efficient responses, hence enabling the smooth flow of logistics within both the Southern & Northern China Regions, as well as the US and other international ports.






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