Every client has different requirements and expectations as well as each project has it's own unique demands. Like a chameleon, we recognize the importance of this attribute and have the proven track record of adapting our working style and services to suite each client's situation.

We have clients requiring the "the whole ball of wax", utilizing our involvement from soup to nuts, including: Product Design, Packaging Design, Material Consultation, Prototyping, Engineering, Sourcing, Price Negotiation, Factory Auditing, In-Line and Final Inspections, and Shipping Logistics.

There are other clients, who, by the nature of their business, utilize our involvement for specific services:

  • Sourcing specialized components
  • Developing Musical Arrangement and Sound Effects
  • Acting as an Independent 3rd Party for Factory Auditing with their current factory.
  • Coordinating, Consolidated and Repacking existing products into Multi-Product Retail Display Units.
  • Etc...

Listening to our clients, we customize our services and technologies to fit their specifications and budget. In our communications, we generate questions reflecting the projects immediate and distant needs and proceed to outline and implement the proper course of action needed.






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